Meet The Team

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My name is Sky Mason and I have been playing Magic since Innistrad. I won Grand Prix Providence 2015 and cashed the following Pro Tour coming in 65th place at Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar. Within the last year, I came in 35th place at Grand Prix Quebec City and 30th place at the Star City Open in Baltimore. I really enjoy standard, modern, and limited. I am trying to learn legacy at the moment as well. My ideal decks in Modern have Thoughtseize and in Standard I want to have a card or mana advantage every turn of the game.

face bio picARYA ROOHI

Dedicated southern magic grinder on a quest to provide a better life for his two cats. multiple GP top 32’s and SCG top 16’s but no break through just yet. proud burn player in modern since the formats inception, avid punishing jund player in legacy.


20160412_164240JIMMY CECERE

I’ve been playing Magic since 2000, mostly casually, and I really started to cut my competitive teeth a couple years ago. I’ve been performing pretty well locally, with many top 8 appearances and a win here and there in smaller tournaments, and now I hope to springboard into much more widespread success. I am also undefeated in camera matches (1 for 1 baby)

My greatest Magic moment was during the Unhinged Pre-release. I managed to get my opponent to lift a card of his over his head so that my friend, while standing on his chair, could see it from across the room, and destroy it with his Ass Whuppin’. It’s silly, but Magic is first and foremost a game and sometimes it is too damn much fun.

13224247_10206051988522101_74259894_oTOXI SINS

Toxi started her journey a few years ago as a casual player between pc games. Recently her inner magic sparked, and she now dedicates most of her free time to training as a witch. Finding a family and mentorship in Snap Keep Games

ben Meine SKG profile picBEN MEINE

Ben Meine, the beanie guy. Midwest based. I have been playing Magic since New Phyrexia and have been playing competitively since Avacyn Restored. I’m most fluent in Modern and Legacy but do work with Standard and Limited as well. I stream as well for Snap Keep Games! Come check me out at the Twitch handle MeineMagic.

Finishes include many PPTQ top 8s, GP Day Twos, and multiple other strong local finishes. Looking to grind the StarCityGames circuit from this point forward and make a name for myself.

Decks of choice: Jund in Modern, ANT in Legacy.

chrisjuliano_finalCHRISTOPHER JULIANO

I’ve been playing magic out of the New York region competitively since the release of New Phyrexia and I just recently decided to step up my competitive game.  I have a SCG Invitational Top 8 from Las Vegas, a SCG Open Top 8 from Baltimore and multiple strong finishes in GPs and Opens.  My favorite format to play is Cube and my strongest constructed format is Modern, where I tend to stick to my BGx variants.

tylerbaileyTYLER BAILEY

I’ve been a wizard since early 1994 when I saw my first Lightning Bolt. My older cousin taught me “how to play” and I never looked back. I started FNM play around Urza’s Block and played for a few years at that level. When I was a mid Teen at the height of my play I got certified as a Level 1 Judge (no longer have those qualifications). Then life caused a seperation from the game, work. I came back right at Zendikar block because I heard new fetchlands were printed. I found Jace, The Mind Sculptor and was back! That run was brief but fun and great for my collection long term. After many years break and my furthest seperation from the game, I hear of fetchland reprints in the latest set Khans of Tarkir. I dove all into limited and stocked up. Deciding then that if I can make it work, I’ll chase the dream and hustle my collection up and play Professional level Magic: The Gathering. Chasing those same dreams every chance I get!

greggrana_d1GREG GRANA

Local PPTQ and Midwest GP grinder, just recently also started to grind the SCG circuit with my SnapKeep family. I started to play competitive magic around the release of Return to Ravnica and haven’t looked back since. My formats of choice are Modern and Limited, but i’m always down to sling some cardboard regardless of the format.
Favorite Magic Card: Sphinx’s Revelation.