Modern Decks, Now with Eldritch Moon!

Anyone looking at Eldrich moon for the first time can see that it is a very powerful set; it is probably the most powerful set in standard right now. That being said, the brewer in me wonders if some of these cards are good enough to be played in the eternal formats. While new cards are never really so good as to break into legacy,  they often are good enough for modern.

Bedlam Reveler

This card is kinda nuts, it’s Treasure Cruise and Tasigur, the Golden Fang in the same card. Unlike Cruise though, you can chain these because you’re not delving away your graveyard. And unlike Tasigur, he’s not legendary so you can afford to draw more than one of him. This card may be good enough to see legacy play, but unfortunately, I’m not sure when the next time legacy will be relevant so testing it would be profitless.

Here’s my modern list  for Bedlam Reveler

Creatures (15)
4 Monastery Swiftspear
4 Delver of Secrets // Insectile Aberration
4 Snapcaster Mage
3 Bedlam Reveler


Spells (24)
4 Gitaxian Probe
4 Serum Visions
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Thought Scour
4 Vapor Snag
4 Remand

Enchantments (3)
3 Blood Moon

Lands (18)
4 Scalding Tarn
4 Misty Rainforest
2 Flooded Strand
1 Mountain
4 Island
3 Steam Vents

4 Thing in the Ice // Awoken Horror
4 Spell Pierce
3 Forked Bolt
2 Monastery Siege
2 Vendilion Clique

Reveler being RR is great because it allows us to play Blood Moon in our deck, we can aggressively fetch basics to play around it ourselves and we get maximum use out of the cards in our graveyard thanks to cards like Sanpcaster Mage.

If you pay attention to standard at all you already know what the new scourge of the format is
Spell Queller, this pesky spirit has destroyed people’s hopes to play the format and it hasn’t even been out one month. The handsome and wise Joe Bernal was very vocal recently on how good he thought the card was and proceeded to test modern decks with the card. While other tribes already exist in modern, Spirits has never been the most popular one. Here is a new tribal list I believe is getting the maximum from the archetype.

Creatures (24)
4 Figure of Destiny
4 Mausoleum Wanderer
4 Rattlechains
4 Selfless Spirit
4 Drogskol Captain
4 Spell Queller

Spells (16)
4 Æther Vial
1 Dispel
4 Path to Exile
4 Mana Leak
3 Lingering Souls

Lands (20)
4 Flooded Strand
1 Godless Shrine
1 Hallowed Fountain
1 Island
4 Marsh Flats
2 Plains
2 Polluted Delta
4 Seachrome Coast
1 Watery Grave

1 Kataki, War’s Wage
4 Azorius Herald
1 Dispel
3 Thoughtseize
3 Rest in Peace
2 Stony Silence
1 Sorin, Solemn Visitor

There are a lot of weird cards in this deck but trust me when I say this deck packs a very strong punch. Mausoleum Wanderer is the best Curse Catcher I’ve ever cast. That card on turn one feels almost as important as having an Æther Vial: being an aggressive flying deck there is almost nothing in the format that interacts with you favorably, and your creatures are essentially unlockable by most of the format.

The last cards that I believe deserve special attention for modern are Whispers of Emrakul and Lupin Prototype. Not too long ago Tom Ross made slashes in the modern meta game when he introduced his 8-rack deck. While he had a few good results in large tournaments and some small tournament wins, he himself claimed the deck was close, but not quite there just yet. I believe the new Hymn to Turach and this huge 5/5 beater are the weapons this deck has been waiting for, the fact that the deck already plays Liliana of the Veil, The Rack, and Shrieking Affliction  (all of which hard card types to get into the graveyard) is great for delirium and adding an artifact creature is definitely going along that same axis. here is my 8-rack list for the new modern.

Planeswalker (4)
4 Liliana of the Veil

Creature (4)
4 Lupin Prototype

Artifact (4)
4 The Rack

Enchantment (4)
4 Shrieking Affliction

Spells (22)
4 Inquisition of Kozilek
4 Raven’s Crime
4 Wrench Mind
4 Thoughtseize
4 Whispers of Emrakul
2 Small Pox

Lands (22)
13 Swamp
1 Blinkmoth Nexus
1 Dakmor Salvage
4 Mutavault
3 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

2 Deathmark
1 Damnation
3 Disfigure
2 Dismember
3 Surgical Extraction
2 Funeral Charm
2 Night of Souls’ Betrayal

While I have never sleeved this deck up to take to a tournament, I have played around with older versions of this deck on magic online, and I am excited to see how good these new cards will be.

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