[FoW] Top 5 Cards from Battle for Attoractia

With the release of Battle for Attoractia last week, many cards are sure to shake up the current meta game. There are a lot of cards that I am excited to play with in the upcoming weeks leading up to the TCGPlayer State Championship and AGP Kissimmee. The power level in this set seems to be a lot lower than the past few sets, though we do get a few cards that players have been waiting for. Without further ado lets get into the lists!

Top 5 Cards from Battle for Attoractia

Number 5: Kaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo

Kaguya-Rabbit-Princess-of-the-Lunar-HaloThis resonator seems like a lot of fun! For 1WW and an Awakening Cost of 1M, she brings along a team of bunnies, which can be either Rabbit of Moonlit Nights or Moonbreeze Rabbit. I would be more interested in are the Moonbreeze Rabbits as they can banish themselves and produce either a Moon or a Green Will, letting you leave open counter spells. With the ability to bring out Rabbits being an Awaken Ability, you are able to turbo it out on turn 3 with Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo or even turn 2 with a Wind Sprite or Moonbreeze Elf! With stats of 800/800, she is able to survive through a Lancelot ping and a Dark Purge. Let’s not forget her other ability, though. Whenever a Resonator is put into a graveyard from your field, put a [+100/+100] counter on her, so as her bunnies do work, she gets stronger!

Number 4: Titania, Prideful Queen

BFA-045-Titania-Prideful-Queen.pngIn Battle for Attoractia, Fairies gained a few powerful cards to add to their arsenal, including Midsummer’s Night King, Oberon; and Titania, Prideful Queen. Titania is the card that Fairy players have been waiting for ever since the Archtype was formed. The deck always had explosiveness, but it never really had a finisher. At a starting cost of 6U, she has a convoke-like ability that makes her cost 2 less for each resonator you rest while playing her. In combination with Oberon, you can now quick cast 1200/1200 flyers at the end of your opponents turn. You can even do it for one Blue Will! Note that the resonators are not affected by “summoning sickness” when resting for Titania’s ability as they are not resting for their own abilities.

Number 3: Reflect, the Beginning of Time // Refrain, the End of Ages


On the surface, this card looks great. It’s a one drop Green Resonator, so it’s already in the right color for control. It can’t be targeted so the only way to get rid of it are Flame Kings Shout, Beat of the Phoenix Wings or Endless Night on another Resonator. Oh, and when it flips it becomes a board wipe for everything that isn’t a stone, including J-Rulers! The only drawback to it is that it takes a lot of set up since you have to put Will into its ability. It also puts your opponent into a tough spot where they can’t commit too much to the board, but they also need to put pressure on against a control player.

Number 2: Black Moonbeam

BFA-081-Black-Moonbeam.pngBlack Moonbeam gained a lot of attention when it was first spoiled as it is one of the only answers to a flipped Reflect/Refrain. As an instant in one of the best colors in Alice Cluster, you can expect to see a lot of Black Moonbeam in the current metagame. While it is a clean answer to Reflect/Refrain, it also completely shuts down J-Ruler-centered decks such as Valentina 2.0. Not only does it kill J-Rulers, it’s also unchaseable, meaning cards like Laevateinn, the Demon Sword lose a lot of value as they can no longer be banished in response to grant the J-Ruler imperishable. Decks with Reflect/Refrain and Friend from Another World, Kaguya greatly benefit from this card as they have strong front sides and don’t need to flip in order to be useful. Other Rulers such as Shion and the new J-Rulers that flip from Memoria of the Seven Lands also are valuable with Black Moonbeam in the format as they activate as soon as their flipped.

Number 1: Interdimensional Escape

Interdimensional_Escape.jpgInterdimensional Escape is a card that Force of Will has needed for a long time. Without a board wipe in the format, decks can overcommit to a board and not have to be worried about being punished for it. After this cards printing, that is no longer the case. At 1WW, this card clears all but one creature on both sides of the board at instant speed. Meaning that you are able to end phase this card, then on the following turn, use Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer; or Soul Hunt to clean up the leftovers. This card alone makes me believe that some form of control will be the deck to beat in the first few weeks of the new format.


Since this is a new format, I thought I’d share the cards that I’m most excited about playing in the upcoming weeks. These are the cards that I would want to play if I were to play in a competitive tournament.

Seal of Wind and Light: Seal is the best counterspell printed in Force of Will as it’s a two Will answer to anything and it can be made unchaseable for a moon making it great in counter wars. This card has already shown its power before BFA and with all the new control cards printed, I don’t see it losing any steam.

Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo / Little Match Girl / Magic Matchstick: The Matchstick engine has impressed me as of late. Apollo has always been great, and it just makes The Little Match Girl even better. The Little Match Girl turns any matchstick in your hand into uncounterable removal spells which is huge when your opponent is playing with cards like Seal of Wind and Light and Wall of Wind.

Hera, Goddess of Jealousy: This card has been one of the best since it got printed as it basically is a three for one whenever you play it and successfully destroy a regalia. It helps you win Orb wars in the Reflect mirrors and it takes away your opponents Awakening Will when you destroy an Apollo. It can even help you force through damage by destroying an Artemis, the God’s Bow. And with every deck playing Ruler’s Memoria, you will almost always be able to splash this card.

Barrier of Shadows: This card is so one sided it’s insane. Whenever I have a Barrier of Shadows and my opponent doesn’t, I feel like I can’t lose the game. It basically “shuts off” your opponents regalia, mainly Change the World, Orb of Illusion, while you are free to use your’s how you please. It also makes any Will producing regalia into dead cards.

Honorable Mentions: Celestial Wing Seraph; Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer; and Blessing of Yggdrasil

In closing, I’m excited to test out and play with all the new cards from Battle for Attoractia and also excited to see what others come up with! What are you most excited about in the new set or the new format? Let us know in the comments section below!

Until next time,


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